Sunday, December 03, 2006

NanoWriMo sunday

these beer cans are like old friends - and have been here at the front door of Merton House, Crabtree Drive for at least a couple of weeks.

which caretaker is too posh to pick up litter? - which is normally a daily chore.

(uploaded on old blogger)
whilst I was waitlng for the 97 bus I thought about using the glass of the bus stop and painting a design for decoration of this block like a matte.

Matte Painting

The process for a matte painting film technique is as follows. First, the camera is positioned pointing at some existing scenery or set... . . .scenery glass matte - Google Search


this slow moving car has just run off the road and hit the lampost?
- a mobile phone chatting driver?

the Birmingham to London railway line with the last of the autumn colours seen from the top deck of the number 97 bus

more mini plastic Christmas trees at the entrance to Debenhams, where I took the lift to the third floor, and walked over the two bridges to the Pallisades

Gale force winds will have slowed down work on replacing the glass panels on the Rotunda
(seen from the second bridge by New Street Station)

fire in the hole? - well in this rubbish bin in New Street.

problems with google?: BUG beta blogger can't do portrait images - see the fix here

Pizza Hut 98 New Street Birmingham
and the thank Goodness It's Over! Party at Pizza Hut! Sunday, December 3rd

some of the local chapter
National Novel Writing Month - Forums - England :: Birmingham

and right at the heart of the city's financial centre they ajourned to the Briar Rose, Birmingham - Google Search

I walked on afterwards

past thus strange BMW C1 object
bmw c1 - Google Search: "BMW presented the C 1 concept in 1992 at the IMFA in Cologne,"

and the Yule market was in full swing, but see the notice "You ae now entering an alcohol restrictef area"

in fornt of the Council house in Victoria Square

on the big sceen on hte Town Hall was a colt race for pantomime horses

I waited by the course but nothing happend - it must have been an action replay.

So I walked on and waited at this very wind blown bus stop

and took the first bus which turned up

past Bartley Green reservoir at sunset

I stayed in the bus at the terminus .
The twigs in this snap are blurred because of the windd - not many leaves keft to fall before winter begins.

On m y returbn I snapped this large square ice rink
BBC - Birmingham - Features - Street Ice 2006/2007
For the second year running (er, skating?), Birmingham city centre can boast of an outdoor ice rink. It's open until the 14th of January 2007

Gales as warm weather hits ice rink
ic, UK - Dec 2, 2006
As severe gales and heavy rain continues to sweep across the country visitors to Warwick Castle outdoor ice rink have been have been frozen out because of the warmth.

the blue light to the left is the police saying, "You cannot stop here!"

and back to Chelmsley Wood on a 97

So for my next exercise National Novel Finishing Month
1000 words a day


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