Tuesday, November 28, 2006

visit to Sutton Coldfield

To warm up I walked the stairs three floors up and ten down

all tags gone and glass repaired

except on the first floor
note the fine terrazzo on the first flight of stairs - the rest are painted concrete.

I walked past the medical centre to snap a new electric neighbour

I had set out about thrity minutes before sunset

and waited nearly 25 minutes for the 71 bus which took more than an hour to get to Sutton Coldfield

and which dropped me off in Sutton Coldfield

by the steps leading to the library entrance
the Local Studies and Reference Library is on the second floor

with directories and electoral rolls AKA Voters lists

and from before my period:- tithe apportionments
note rate books exist up to 1912
the rest probably burned in a 1960ies fire.

Henvry VIII attributed to Holbein

this used to be a royal borough and idnependant since the sixteent century and is now part of the City Birmingham, which means taht the mayoral robes and regalia are now museum pieces.

It was much quicker to go home bus 104 via the centre of Birmingham then 97

and when I got back more new tags in the entrance


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