Thursday, November 23, 2006

library footpaths stairs

I needed the exercise and took the seven flights of stairs downwards


and hate

Eva is cross with Jamie Webb

some poor guy has cracked up
kicking the hard heartless concrete see the rubber marks of his footprints

and broken glass
this is not vandalism but the signs of a life falling apart
consumed by hopelessness and rage - or cold turkey and no more credit

at the 97 bus stop

and I took most of my books back to Chelmsley Wood library

I decided to walk home

by the library and police station

past a bus driver parked up and having a break

and a clerk working late

I have never walked this way at night
I usually walk out and bus back

over the bowed iron bridge over the gurgling brook
- I think a shopping trolley / cart was blocking its smooth flow.
much too dark to snap

patterns and
the yellow sodium lights turned chrome and plastic to bling on a 4 x 4

one light of a whiter hue reflecting in puddles where a cable layers trench has been filled in

past the corner of the medical centre car park

when I got in to MJerton House I took the stairs back up to the seventh floor, and after a long sit down in my flat, got my breath back and my heart beat rate down and went out again and climbed to the tenth floor

looking west over Bosworth Drive - through double glazing

looking east past the bus stop and the light show to Chelmsley Wood

Afterwards I felt good and had pressure cooked chicken to eat, with cider and mulled wine, and a littele whisky with the mulligatornyish soup.


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