Monday, November 20, 2006


strange perspective but I was interested in showing the high cloud heralding a warm front system coming in from the Atlantic over Ireland and Wales - it got here after dark giving a wet and very windy night.

On this 97 bus I had the top deck to myself at the head of Bosworth Drive - the old apple tree to the left is the remains of a victorian orchard.

25 minutes later in town

I will return to this blue dotted angel later for a better snap at the Birmingham Market

and this is for my friends in USA who expressed interest in the black plastic christmas tree glimpsed last week

I was taking my new short cut routed through DEBENHAMS but the lift was stuck on the second floor.
and this green palastic tree was at the top of the escalator by the cafe

I continued up in the glass lift to the left - only now have I spotted the red plastic trees.

Debenhams - Birmingham, Upper Mall East, Bullring, Birmingham ...Upper Mall East, Bullring Birmingham, West Midlands, England Website: ... Though the company dates back to 1778, the Debenhams name first appeared in 1813

Bullring CHRISTMAS AT THE CENTRE: "SHOP UNTIL 10PM - From 4th to 22nd December, Bullring will stay open an extra two hours until 10pm from Monday to Friday. "

and seen from the bridge to the Pallisades mall, the Rotunda has got another floor glazed in.

Pallisades Birmingham - Google Search

I had the flash on AUTO so got a darker picture than I wanted.

more like it - stand very still, exhale, freeze.

This big Argos has more electronics for example.

Argos Extra

The official Argos catalogue website. UK catalogue shopping online for appliances, DIY, electronics, furniture, garden supplies, gifts, jewellery, ...

Click and Collect with Argos!

Products identified with the logo are held in stock at all Argos Extra stores or can be ordered in from the warehouse to collect at any other Argos store,

just under one pound or two dollars - I will be back.


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