Friday, November 10, 2006

argos and back

On Thursday my coffee machine died

the weather looked better

so I went to the pharmacy first

at the end of Fordbridge medical centre

rubbish building up in the usual places

looking back
I took the 97 bus went to Argos and got my fifth very cheap coffee machine replaced
then into Sommerfields NO RADIO TIMES so I won't go there again

exiting via this escal├Žator

past the police staiton - note small wndows in back yard - cells.

just after sunset to the Chelsmley Wood library who had phoned to say they had a book for me which I had ordered

NPR : Temple Grandin: A Key to Animal BehaviorTemple Grandin is one of the nation's top designers of livestock facilities. She is also autistic. Grandin's new book is Animals in Translation: U

I loved to kick the autumn leaves as a child

and collected this book which is a revelation.
see Temple Grandin's Web Page
Livestock behaviour, design of facilities and humane slaughter.
Dr. Temple Grandin
who attributes her success as a livestock designer to her ability to recall detail which is a characteristic of her visual memory. A noted autistic who is an author, speaker, cited expert in many publications, and video producer

getting off the bus and the winter will soon be here.

Hug machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe therapeutic, stress-relieving device was originally conceived and designed by Temple Grandin, PhD, at the age of eighteen

temple grandin - Google Search

Interview with ...
Temple Grandin:Well the thing is, with a little bit of autism, you know, if you have mild autism, you'll get genius like einstein. Too much of autism, ... | Special Reports | Temple Grandin
he has also published more than 300 papers on autism and animal science. In her latest book, Animals in Translation, which has just been published in Britain, . . . . 2005
urriculum vitae

Age: 58
Education: BA (psychology), Franklin Pierce College, 1970; MS, Arizona State University, 1975; PhD (animal science), University of Illinois, 1989.
Current jobs: Associate professor of animal science, Colorado State University; consultant and designer of livestock-handling facilities
Likes: Biochemistry, animal welfare, pictures, Star Trek
Dislikes: "Ideological politics", television news


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