Saturday, November 04, 2006

evening walk and morning weather

Yesterday I dropped by the pharmacy to renew my repeat prescription

I will collect it late Tuesday and then I walked into Chelmsley to buy the Radio Times for next week

the waning moon snapped from the little bridge over the brook

and the much graffitied tunnel

this ISS van with the toilet cleaners stopped just as I took this snap of the west entrance hall of Chelmsley Wood shopping centre

because I was talking with another white bearded passenger I missed my bus stop and got off opposite our parade of shops

and there is lots of fast food to tempt me

today I got up at 6:oo am and ate breakfast in the kitchen with icy air from the open window as a cold air bath.

ice crystal clouds this morning after breakfast

the vapour trails are for jets leaving BHX and climbing past my kitchen window and turning south

hoar frost too

trolley still there

I just noticed this thermostatic controller after living here for 5 years but I don't know if it works
indoo temperature is about 70 degrees F

experiment with flash when I turn out the bathroom lights

another test with water droplets


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