Wednesday, November 01, 2006

my afternoon walk to the dentist and back



refurbishing the rabbit hutches?

SNAPS ONE: again walking in May 2006 to my dentist

the dental surgery is just to the left
Harry Hunjan
The Dental Centre. Craig Croft. Chelmsley Wood. B37 7TR.

afterwards I followed the paths downhill, past these apples fit for scrumping but I resisted the temptation

the round arches of the old Chester Road bridge hide behind the newer concrete road widening

the Environmental Agency was measuring water flow and depth but cannot afford a laser level

into the park but walking in the opposite direction

it was not this dark when I turned homewards across the iron bridge

usually I take a apicture here in the morning when I am outward bound

finally Merton House was in sight

the paramedics have parked their ambulance below my seventh floor kitchen window again
in Crabtree Drive, Fordbridge, Solihull


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