Monday, October 30, 2006

I am the milkman

and a quick dash to LIDL

but no fireworks for me

because they remind me of the blitz during World War 2

and home again with 14 liters of skimmed milk to go

seven kinds of fruit for snacks

then in the writing room:-

just after starting up my MacBook Pro, I put the cursor in the top left corner and the MAC OS reveals all the open windows

on the upper screen:-
- eight folders of images yet unblogged because of my ISP gap
- logging on WinXP SP2 on Parallels 2,
-- and FireFox with six start up pages all tabbed -
logging on to Blogger Beta (and hidden :- Gmail - Hotmail - my GenealogeNaNoWriMo pages - my secret home page made of links including FTP / new blog posts/ administrator stuff on message boards and lists / - old blogger user profile)

and on the lap top screen:-
- Usenet from the News International of Berlin server in Mozilla mail,
-- and 7 imap mail accounts from and a couple of pop mail accounts in the Apple MAIL program

and then one mouse click to chose the window I will work with.

again looking north east from my writing chair the Chelmsley Wood townscape with the wonderful late afternoon golden autumnal evening light


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