Thursday, October 26, 2006

art on offer

LIDL had a special sale today this THURSDAY, with every kind of art materials,
I have had a long term ambition to paint with oils, but these days it is more sensible, and less of a health hazard to use water based acrylics.

when I came out of LIDL, loaded up with frozen meats too, the weather looked stormy but later cleared up.

and here is all the small stuff from acrylic paints, - BTW I already have brushes - three easels , canvas on stretchers, and in rolls suitable for mounting on board, and two mannequin dolls.

I have been thinking about an easel like this for twenty years but never had the time available so this is my christmas and birthday present to myself.

The big canvas is a challenge because it has to be well designed before I begin.

The big a2 size black rucksack will enable me to take my handicam and maps and use both hands, when I stride out with my nordic walking sticks.

The two small easels may seem excessive, but one is also a paint box, and the other is just what I need to put my notebooks on when I am typing up results from my archive visits.

this picture is taken exactly from the position of my right eye when working,
in the upper screen there is MS IE 7 running on WinXP sp2 desktop on Parallels with the latest windows messanger and AOL 9

on the lower screen my Hotmail, Gmail, AOL mail by imap, POP mail from and my newsgroups in Mozilla, and on the easel are my notes from visits to archives in Bath, Gloucester, Gwent and NLW at Aberwystwyth in Wales.

I have two similar sized books from Denmark with about 100 photos (by blue tooth) already on the MacBook Pro still to be uploaded to a web site and annotated.

I was seated exactly as above, and when I turned my head to the right, that is what I saw

I had to upload these images on old blogger and link to them here on
because of the many failed uploads if the net is at all busy.


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