Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Safeways in Chelmsley Wood

Off the bus I walked in past this conmstruction site to go to Safways to get my offficial BBC RADIO TIMES for next week
Radio Times on the web with 350 channels, 14 days
putting up a shack for Father Christmas

and for the interior

Solihull rubbish - the most horrible snow flake designs ever seen

Halloween is upon us and there are too many pumpkins in Safeways
I have got tired of my rice diet, not enough fibre, and stocked up with three kinds of bread, (the german rye bread from LIDL), porridge oats and milk, and cottage cheese and Leicester cheese and the biggest pack of instant Kenya coffee, 500grams, I ever saw in a supermarket.

The lovely weather brought out many more shoppers but most of the check out ladies were in still in the Safewways canteen at 2:00pm so we had two big queues.

I then headed for the 97 bus past Merton House to LIDL.


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