Tuesday, October 31, 2006

alcott wood

I put on my rucksack from LIDL so I could have both hands free for my Nordic Walking Poles (also from LIDL ) and came out into Crabtree Drive

after seeing the repeat of the DEAL or NO DEAL first birthday show on TV, it looks as if I have started out too late (after a sunny morning) and the weather is changing for the worse

the foot paths all need sweeping

and not just the leaves

and there was a tidy bed and breakfast in Nettlewell Drive

the burnt school
icBirmingham - School block goes up in flames
The incident at Whitesmore School, in Chapel House Road, Solihull, ... the school was no longer in use as pupils had now moved to the nearby Grace Academy.

"christian" plus business
Grace Academy in Solihull sponsored by Robert Edmiston - Google Search

Welcome | Grace Academy - Chelmsley Wood - Solihull Website
Grace Academy
is a new and exciting £28 million school being built to serve Chelmsley Wood, Solihull. Planned to open September 2006 and it did too.

Chapelhouse Rd, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, B37 5JS - 0121 770 4431

looking back from the bridge

I enjoyed this planting of pampas grass by the bare walls

and I could shelter in Alcott Wood nature reserve

not that dark really but it was dry under the oak tree

not so many leaves left on these trees

an enchanting path ith not a straight line in sight

autumn colours the bracken

a lot of ripe acorns but the grey squirrels were out of sight

this typical woodland holly has no berries as usual

I don't know Alcott Wood really well yet, but I found the right path to find some shelter from the rain

the rain clouds were retreating, but I was damp if not wet right through and so I headed for home by bus via Chelmsley Wood shops

Wilkinsons discount store was cheaper than Argos for a couple of extension cords with sockets to replace a burnt out Belkin one for my old computer

and the bus stop broken at the weekend has been repaired

from the seventh floor landing of Merton House the bus stop with a hole in its roof - on the corner of Bosworth Drive and Heathmere Drive

link to Bus Shelter Defect form: Problem with a shelter?

Please fill in as many of the following details as possible to help us accurately locate the problem shelter. If you would like to speak to someone ring 0121 214 7078, during office hours only"

Bus Services: "There are over 15,000 bus stops and shelters in the West Midlands. Centro has responsibility for over 4,850 bus shelters in the West Midlands, of these there are approximately 850 that are provided and maintained under a commercial contract for advertising purposes.
As a result of organisational changes following deregulation, Travel West Midlands (TWM) owned the majority of bus stops. This split led to very poor infrastructure or in some cases, no infrastructure at all, which hindered the ability to display roadside information. Centro has now taken over all bus tops in the West Midlands County and as part of the Network West Midlands initiative has begun the roll out of much improved passenger information at bus stops.

the Grace Academy and Alcott Wood
not the Tribal Group - North Solihull Learning Village
which I though it was in my older blogs with the crane.

departing storms and we are to expect a frosty night


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