Sunday, November 05, 2006

Birmingham NaNoWriMO first write-in

Starbucks Coffee Co 0121 643 6643 114 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4JH MAPPED

First write-in! (Sunday, 05/11/06, from noon onwards at Starbucks on New Street) LINK TO BOARD

I went downstairs
and asked for the "naughty-chair" because I was nearly two hours late
I took the place to the right and continued working on deconstructing a Mills & Boon medical romance which I have had lying about unread since 2004 - because I want to learn the craft of styish commercial novel writing at its most effective - not unlike Daily Mirror prose style beating more academic writers.

and Satu is off camera to the left

the group is off to the right


Satu has posted on the board:-
"Thanks for coming, everyone! The manager has been warned that we'll be back next week -- let's see if he still remembers it then.

I've just finished typing up what I wrote, and it's ended up being about 2100 words (that's with a little bit of editing and expanding), which means I've made my word count for today, yay! I didn't think it'd be quite that much.

It's also a little less rubbish than I expected, which is a bonus!"

Co-ML for Birmingham, UK
MSN: evil_satu(at) | Jabber: satu(at)

If it wasn't for the fun and money, I really don't know why I'd bother.
-- Terry Pratchett

and I went and got a big big coffee

after a bit of a wait

four of us stayed on
writers cramp - just like Charles Dickens
see no computer needed !

and the four of us continued until about 4:30 pm

I am sorry that this blog has been delayed by Lord of the Rings on C4 TV
and I just did bits of it and the ones below in the commercial breaks


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