Monday, November 06, 2006

on the way into Brum for the Write-In

not seen in Denmark - the zig zag lines prohibit parking by the zebra crossing

The 97 bus driver would not pick me up because I was just before the Bosworth Drive, Heathmere Drive stop - which still has a hole in its roof to be reported.

but the nice yellow bus was close behind

when I was a student working with SGB scaffolding in my summer holidays about 50 years ago, I did some work on the building of the little red stone house by helping dismantle the shuttering for the concrete ceiling.

The arkets are sunday closed so car parking is spilling over from the Bull Ring

and they have got the mega big plastic christmas tree out again

strange it used to be a thoroughfare

from my childhood cot I heard about 365 air raid alarms sounded by the chorus of near and distant syrens, and bombs fell on about 77 nights - I was 7 miles south of this monument so actual figures may be less or more.

and I was 4 years old when the night bombing started and seven years when it ended

I was never told of any air raid deaths.

not tempting in this cool weather
and I only noticed the angel when I got home

Big Issue seller's dog
on the road into Birmingham New Street Station

the original railway policemen became the signal men of today - the railways also owned ferries - and the portcullis symbolizes imprisonment.

a SKODA police car

an original kind of taxi space

and then I went into WH Smiths to get an A5 book to write in


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