Sunday, November 12, 2006

at the NaNoWriMo second Birmingham Write-In

not one of us
I got to Starbucks in New Street just before 12.00 pm and was third. I followed our leaders down the stairs
I hand wrote 3000 words - my hand writng still gets big and illegible as I race to keep up with my thoughts. This gave me serious trouble in my school days and then we used steel nibbed dip pens and ink wells and had copper plate as a model.
copperplate - Google Image Search

we got ready to get squashed up into the corner

coffee first for most of us
but I waited until I was hungry for lunch

and a bite to eat

nearly ready to start writing for the first 45 minute session to be followed by a 15 minute break; and repeated and repeated and repeated, until your brain or your ink or your laptop battery runs out.
Paper could be replenished at inflated prices by a quick dash to SMITHS on the concourse of New Street station.

I found I wrote over 1000 words in the first 45 minute session

my mss note book and specs after I moved tables to welcome and make room for the late comers, and I wondeed if Starbucks have chess sets to loan out behind the bar like my local - BO-I bar - in Copenhagen - Bo-Bi bar - Google Search - bo-bi bar - Google Image Search

I succumbed to a Sunday Times for the first time in years, but only started reading it on Monday - same old well written weary middle class rubbish - at least that pompous Winner has safely revacinnated me against buying another copy.
In Bo-Bi bar the daily papers are free for all to read

bit blurred - I got nervous and the camera shook and I can't read the name of the author or the title of her book. - Self Publishing - Free: "Lulu is fast, easy and free

Publish and sell easily within minutes.
No set-up fees. No minimum order.
Keep control of the rights.
Set your own price.
Each product is printed as it is ordered. No excess inventory."

my blurred lunch - Starbucks had run out of plates
I stood and waited for ever until I asked for it to be served in paper bags.

There is very very poor service here both slow, and with no communication about delays, to us customers on Sundays, just a bit like the british railways.

My second try was still embarrasingly blurred - I should have used the flash in the videocam but I like the ambient lighting better.

She is one of last years winners who got published on demand from last year by - Self Publishing - Free:
much less of a rip off unlike most vanity presses and for her FREE sample she just paid the postage from USA.

full house

after the bosses went home eight of us continued

prize for the last man still writing - not me this time
I like the card cutting idea for plotting - I used to use home made cards to randomize my daily practice of the eighty odd scales and arpeggios needed to be a good bassoon player - and pass diploma exams.

by around 4:00 pm I had run out of energy and it was time for me to say good bye to the diehards.

and this time it was still light when I got back to the surface after my 4 hour session

ranjna theaker - Google Search photos removed by request


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