Saturday, November 25, 2006

trees rains and trains in birmingham and walsall

walking the stairs again

all ten floors of Merton House
3 upwards then 10 down

when the 97 got into town they were still clearing up in the market.

click her and scroll down to see handicam snaps of these blue angels

Bullring Debenhams plastic trees now have fairy lights.

I had to go back outside because the videophone froze
and I had to reboot it by taking the battery out.
sony "best pic" phone - Google Search
Best Pic shoot mode (captures 9 frames in succession) but locked up a couple times if I was slow in saving my chosen pictures.

Debenhams - Birmingham, Upper Mall East, Bullring, Birmingham ...Upper Mall East, Bullring Birmingham, West Midlands, England: ... Though the company dates back to 1778, the Debenhams name first appeared in 1813

Bullring CHRISTMAS AT THE CENTRE: "SHOP UNTIL 10PM - From 4th to 22nd December, Bullring will stay open an extra two hours until 10pm from Monday to Friday. "

on the first bridge
from Lord of the Rings
and the second bridge into the Pallisades Mall and New Street Station

where I took a green train to Walsall

Walsall station platform 2 and 3

not so much going on in Walsall

so I decided to go home

massive coal train passing by Walsall platfom 2

and I met this photographer and train spotter waiting for a special train to come by

I did not catch the first train back to Birmingham

at last the train spotters delight in recording history - four old electric locomotives being towed to Long Marston to be stored by the Ministry of Defence

back in Birmingham you can see the two bridges I crossed earlier

I am heading for these newly discovered steps

and I nearly dropped my videophone
whilst the BEST PIC (tm) took its 9 snaps in quick succession

turning around towards St Martins, through the Bullring and to the 97 bus stop by Allison Street

looking back from the balcony

new graffiti when I got back and climbed the seven flights - with a stop on the fifth to get my breath back

Christkindl Gl├╝hwein von Lidl spiced wine mulled by microwave
lidl gluhwein - Google Search
I was hungry when I got in and ate this whilst I waited 40 minutes for the steamed rice and cabbage


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