Monday, November 27, 2006

my fridge was empty

so I decided to go to LIDL at the Macadown first and the markets later.
spell check Mackadown - Google Search

I don't usually go to this bus stop when going away from Chelmsley Wood,
but having recorded the mess of broken glass, I felt that I should snap the repairs. It is a mystery to me why they don't install plastic which needs a good kicking before it breaks.

The only snow we shall see on Bosworth Drive this Christmas I think.

At least the rubbish bins get emptied often - note the fire proof metal liner typical of local handwork.

Seen from the LIDL car park, the new steel frame of the replacement building for the demolished BSA Machine Tools offices - will be another retail outlet?

UT/2004/014022 Birmingham City Council N/03490/04/FUL
Demolition Of Existing Offices And Part Factory,

Erection Of New Bingo And Social Club.
Refurbishment Of Remainder Of Factory For Industrial Purposes, Formation Of New Site Access Road, Parking Areas And Associated External Works
BSA Machine Tools Works,
Mackadown Lane, Birmingham,
West Midlands
* PPG25/TAN15 - Request for FRA
mackadown bsa bingo - Google Search: "Debt-ridden BSA Machine Tools thought its number was up, until it hit on the idea of selling off part of its Mackadown Lane, Kitts Green factory. "

Inside LIDL this weeks special offer half price green grocery so I will not make a trip to the markets today.

I returned home and after getting off the 97 bus with my laden trolley and two bags, I stopped for a moment on the pavement, because I often see this van parked close by beneath my windows on Bosworth Drive, so a snap was a quick way of recording this URL in order to satisfy my curiosity about this neighbourhood when I got in.

Tripod Crest Ltd.: "was established in 1982 and has since become one of the UK's leading road planing and surfacing labour suppliers.

Recent years have seen the introduction of additional services with the Tripod Crest business.

The ability to provide extensive resources, often at very short notice, has enhanced our reputation for efficiency and flexibility over the years.

Our operatives are skilled across the full range of surfacing activities: motorways, trunk roads, housing estate roads, footpaths and private car parks,

We can provide full machine gangs, handlay gangs or any number of skilled operatives to supplement existing gangs - including Paver Drivers, Screwmen, Roller Drivers, Tractaire Drivers, Chipping Operators and General Surfacing Operatives.

Operatives can be hired daily, weekly or on a long-term basis. Terms can also be agreed to provide labour on a 'lodge' basis if required.

A fleet of Bitelli and Marini Pavers is also available for daily, weekly or long-term hire. The "


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