Tuesday, March 27, 2007

time to go shopping

This rubbish in Merton House garden has been here so long that the grass is beginning to grow over it

a long wait to the next bus so I decided to walk along Bosworth Drive to Chelmsley Wood shops

the first iris this year

my mother loved forsythia for flowering on the bare branches

ooops quicker to wait
2 buses came by before I got to the next bus stop

I just like the care taken here

and two more buses went by

to see violets this early 60 years ago you had to go for a spring holiday in Cornwall

another abandoned glass for my collection

back to the fifities in style except for the colour of the bricks
"291 Bosworth Drive" - Google Search

This new site for the Banbury Social Club

is a local scandal cutting this footpath by the stream

waiting for the crane to be readied to unload the green container

I don't know what happened to the picture here

Solihull parks keeping the roundabouts tidier than our gardens

this is the old Banbury Club due to be demolished and redeveloped

and another glass to collect to take home and wash

altogether seven 97 or 97a buses passed me on my walk down Bosworth Drive

already cleared

I have never walked this path before

passed the Trusty Servant pub

which looks to be finished

my usual footpath route comes out here into the west entrance hall on my right

In the entrance hall the old iconic rides Budgie the helicopter and Postman Pat have gone
now a 4 x 4 , Sooty (the TV glove puppet) and a sports car - fifty pence a ride

halfway up the ramp

the school art from before christmas has been cleared away

smile you are on camera

ante- bird "hair" on the BOOTS sign
inside my weighing machine was gone

and replaced 30p a go with this 50p or 70p monster

a female voice gave instructions
luckily it did not speak my weight 27 st 6lb 174.2 kg

"Stand up straight" the woman said
height 5' 9.9" 1787 cm - a loss of about 2 inches or 5 cm

BMI 55
finally after gripping the handles to get electrified
Body Fat 46.7 %
81.2 kg of lard - free food?

about 93 kg of bone muscle, skin, organs, brain and other bits
the "recommended" weight was a very silly 58 to 79 kg - if I tried to get to that I would die

pansies to plant out

bush tucker?
- no for pet owners who have reptiles

half their price but still twice as expensive as the markets

register and spend over £25 to get free home delivery
big queue and the bus will be here soon
but I like to sit on this wall

when I look at the videophone screen as a view finder against the sun, I use one advantage of being very short sighted, and look over my distance glasses at about 5 inches away from the phone . . . . but I still cannot see much

on the 97 bus back to Merton House

after unpacking bread and stuff I went out again to LIDL

my reference snap for light and weather

the native brown birch is still dormant

this weeping silver birch tree is a foreigner here and was introduced to the Surrey stock broker belt, along with rhododendrum ponticum, which grows like a weed wiping out all undergrowth of the Surrey woods

LIDL fruit and vegetables are half price just now
just a tiny bit over the open air market prices

easter bunnies and chickens

are also getting very obese like the rest of the civilised world

I stocked up with all the light cottage cheese there was - two or three light blue to each pack

an offer not to miss - Typhoo tea half price

the Bingo Hall is nearing completion

and the glass brick facing to the steel framed tower is going up

a badly fitting manhole cover made by G.P.O. General Post Office
which used to be responsible for telephones too

my shopping trolley was seriously over loaded - 14 litres skimmed milk too - you never know what you will find in LIDL

KØBENHAVNS KOMMUNES BIBLIOTEKER - means I got the most long lived bag from the Copenhagen Town Libraries

new drive and gates but no windows yet in the new Probation Service building

the school run has begun and queues have formed at the traffic lights

many grannies' collecting children

home and unpacking three "new" glasses out of the hedges

first I soak them in cold water


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