Saturday, March 17, 2007

shopping market and aldi

caught the 97 bus in to Birmingham and sat on the back seat downstairs

I snapped this guy because I thought he had snapped me
but I was wrong - he was playing games.

I got off one stop later to use the comfortable "comfort station" and was greated by wonderful irish music

it was St Patrick' day

special offer quality champagnes at Selfridges get three bottles for the price of two

I walked down to the market and got there at 4:00pm closing time

and I treated myself to some extra tasty cheese

£1 a bowl he said - 3 bowls for £2 I asked - yes he said

all these limes £1 a box was too good to pass by - but I don't know any recipes
recipes cooking limes fruit - Google Search -- Lime Recipes and Cooking Information

in cold black coffee not as good as lemon - but a slice was good in a glass of sweet cider to cut the sweetness - now sliced while I watched tv and frozen by now.

when I got home I unpacked this meat from the freezer lay by the cheese stall. I paid £1 for all that as she was ready to pack up go home

the blue bag of grapes £1 from the discoloured throw aways rescued from under the stall - very very sweet - the brown patches are the first stage of making raisins.

4 boxes of strawberries £1
I dumped the LIDL trolley after unpacking the perishables, and grabbed my old 4 wheel red shopping cart and set out again

these girls are getting a gang culture like the boys - tags and all

I sat on that without noticing but luckily it was dry

I got off at Drinks R Us half way to Birmingham

I have long admired these two graffiti but you can only see them properly on Saturdays and Sundays becasue of parked cars during the week

I walked back as the sun set behind ALDI and went in and stocked up on tinned fish
afterwards got some cider

note much cheaper here than in London

at the bus stop with the auto setting the effect is very close to my eyes vision

but to get the Aldi logo I had to stop down

and the same scene through the scratched plastic of the bus stop

when I got home for the second time

now my tinned goods store is filled up for 2 to 4 weeks consumption

and on top of the fridge
Bourbon Distilleries: Lexington, KY CVB: "almost all bourbon— 95% according to the Kentucky Distillers Association — is produced in Kentucky. "
Clark's 1866 old Kentucky straight sour mash whiskey BOURBON but it seems to be merely a good tasting ALDI brand

KENTUCKY - Online Information article about KENTUCKY: "Kentucky's manufactures are principally those for which the products of her farms and forests furnish the raw material .
The most distinctive of these is probably distilled liquors, the state's whisky being famous .
A colony of Roman Catholic immigrants from Maryland settled in 1787 along the Salt river about 50 m . S.S.E. of Louisville and with the surplus of their Indian corn crop made whisky, a part of which they sold at settlements on the Ohio and the Mississippi ."

7 litres of skimmed milk too - I turned the kitchen lights off to try the auto flash


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