Friday, March 09, 2007

bullring birmingham and success with portraits

behind 97 97a 914 the bus stop in Bosworth Drive - an unexplored path and this glass room which was added as a reception area when the attached flat was used as an office by the redevelopers.

I went to Moor Street station to buy a return ticket to London for Tuesday 13th march

but the price quoted by Chiltern Railways was far too high compared with that seen on TheTrainLine

so after using a cash point I took the moving staircae to the first floor of the Bullring
where SELFRIDGE had this eye catching skip full of lights

continuing on the same level I walked past the RED NOSE again, and the Blue pole and the Red pole were waving in the wind and the shiny fins catching the sunlight

I was taken with the reflections

and I wanted the whole word there GNIRLLUB

this Lord Nelson is one of my earliest childhood memories

and I am heading back to the well placed Apple Store to get a faster firewire external hard disk

if you read the small print through the window close to the coffee machine
that is my next destination

crossing the bridge a face familiar from Big Brother TV caught my eye - Ms Shilpa Shetty - not a bride yet.

looking back a new 98p store full of small packets of costume jewelry

this bronze plaque of LNWR staff who died in WW1 is by the ticket office in New Street station and I got an affordable return to Euston from Virgin Trains.

a little bit more of edwardian Birmingham surviving - just look at all the chimneys that used to belch sulphurous coal smoke not so many years ago.

the stairs down to street level from the 1950ies had a couple of security mirrors

and these days you can even buy spotted paint

I sat and waited at the bus stop to get to Digbeth - just 3 stops but my right knee was painful

just textures and light - and a couple of irish ladies to talk with.

whne I got off I saw the Digbeth pubs are getting ready for St Patrick's day on sunday

opening on 19 April a closer NETTO
the very first store in Copenhagen, Denmark in April 1981.
the new one is further than LIDL but closer than 247 Bordesley Green, Bordesley Green, Birmingham B9 5RP - and was a KwikSave which Sommerfield closed.

I had a great conversation on the bus with an older man, who when he was 18 landed on D Day at Gold Beach with the Dorsets - dorsets d-day - Google Search

safely back in Bosworth Drive I was really hungry and bought fish, chips, mushy peas and three pickled onions from the chippy's for tea.


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