Wednesday, February 14, 2007

past Kingshurst into Castle Bromwich

the trash was still blocked so I dropped it off directly into the bins
to be greeted by music

it was this thrown away toy switched on by the drop

The first bus to come by was a 94 so I dropped the idea of a return visit to the BIG ASDA

when I got off on the edge of Castle Bromwich I was greeted by theses brave flags for sale.

so I dropped in to MORRISONS instead of ASDA

and got my RADIO TIMES for next week

72 p for one green pepper - I paid 10p at the market

fishmonger pretending to be an independant outlet

this deep throated tricycle passed by - with a chrome plated helmet like a 1950ies US army bandsman or honor guard.

and in to ALDI in a box pretending to have a gable.

Aldi meets St Valentine

opposite ALDI a pub to the left - and a fine parade of shops now mostly services like estate agents.
I like the look of the tree to the left and the 1930ies houses, and note the security camera to guard this limousine.
Walking on Ijumped on a 54 bus tosee where it went

Kingshurst - exactly as seen from my kitchen

at the end of the route for bus 54 and me

this lake is in the dead ground (as seen from my kitchen window) and a big male swan, a cob, was agressively driving off a young couple of swans at the start of the spring territorial battles.

now what blossom is this?

I am always charmed by these elegant footbridges in the Kingfisher project.

long shadows on the bridge

seen from the bridge the river Cole was running darkly deep but not too fast

experiments with the apperture control from - f2 to + f2

looking back from the other side of the river Cole valley and I was quite breathless
after walking briskly up the hill

two clumps of bluebells growing well
I hopped ona 94 bus for a couple of stops

walking briskly down hill towards Merton House I ws surprised how good I felt.

gas main renewal in the clay subsoil

"Hullo Santa"
"What will I get for Christmas?" cames the shouts from behind me

"Wait and see*" I replied with big smile and waved back.


Blogger David said...

Nice to see some pics of Brum. I live in Oz now.

Can you post a picture of Woodpecker Grove Chelmsley/Kingshurt/Castle Brom?

Would love to see the old place!

2/07/2008 9:57 PM  
Blogger Hugh W said...

remind me in May or JUne

2/07/2008 11:26 PM  

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