Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am short sighted

I am so short sighted that I like to have a big office clock in my bedroom because I can still read the dial with no glasses.

I am late out the St Martins market official closes at 4:00 pm

and in the kitchen is this power house with which I charge mobile phone and the handcam batteries and amplify the TV signal.

the Merton House lift came while I checked the trash chute - still blocked.

when I got off the 97 bus in Birmingham - the market looked as if it was nearly over

a funny time of year for chestnuts

the owner of the stall showed me the sack - fresh from China
later I got four bags of these apples and plums for my last £1

Coilin AKA Kal had nearly sold out - luckily he still had all I needed including
5 lbs onion and 5 lbs carrots for £1 - usually 3 + 3 lbs for the same price

I don't eat lettuce when it is out of season in England and I was not tempted by the last one.

my flat is full of these blue bags

all done and the sky looked even greyer

I was surprised to see proper paveur work being done on sand

Mistral aggregate granite setts google search

a slight widening of the pavement

There was only one floor left of the Rotunda without new windwos,
I am standng with my back to the 97 bus stop

It was beginning to spot with rain
I had a great conversation with an 80 year old in the bus
as a 15 year old in the Home Guard he had service 116z AA battery on the top of the hill at Kents Moat B33 8NF United Kingdom and when he was 17 he joined the army in 1944

Each projector could fire two 3" anti-aircraft rockets having a maximum altitude of 19,000 ft. and a ground range of 10,000 Yards (5.7 Miles).
The heavy finned rockets were about six feet long and each had an adjustable nose fuse to be set to explode the warhead at the correct altitude.
Two men manned each projector. The commands for altitude, bearing, elevation, loading, etc. came over a sound-powered intercom from the operations room to a headphone worn by No.1, who relayed the orders to No.2. Each man set a fuse, No.2 loaded the rockets onto their guide rails and pulled them down onto the electrical firing pins and then set the elevation wheel.
The firing pins were connected via safety switches to a firing handle and a 6v. dry battery. No.1 set the bearing and reported "Charlie 5 ready" etc.; on the command "Fire", he depressed the firing handle.
If the rockets misfired, we had to wait 20 minutes before unloading.

and I alighted in Bosworth Drive in a light drizzle

I still had the auto flash on the videophone
you can see the whiteness of my hall walls for once

one hour fifty minutes round trip
and this flat is so warm the hot water bottles are never needed.

I needed to fill up my empty fridge

above the lamp is a battery driven fire alarm which was squeaking and demanding to be recharged

still not unpacked after 5 years

that will keep me for about 10 days

and I cleaned and cooked this lot - but not the green peppers being washed in the yellow bowl

The rice takes 50 minutes to steam to perfection
I added the vegetables a little later

the top most tomato was a bit squashed so I will eat that at supper time

I drained the green peppers and began to cut out the bad bits whilst I watched Deal or no Deal

and I realised I had forgotten to buy next weeks RADIO TIMES and will need to go out again tomorrow


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