Sunday, February 11, 2007

LIDL new trolley

When I took the trash out the chute was blocked but the weather looked great

in the shrubbery spotted from above - just like Denmark where everything useful gets peeled off the frame of a stolen cycle.

the wild birch tree and Merton House

and the usual rubbish

someone has cracked this elaborate defense wide open

the wind nearly blew my big LIDL bag out of my hand at the side of the parade of Bosworth Drive shops
I saw a piece of these sharp iron rings a mile away on my walks

The old BSA group headquarters is awaiting new windows and doors

Residents angered by probation centre plan
Feb 3 2007

By Lee Kenny, Birmingham Mail

ANGRY parents, homeowners and businesses were involved in heated talks to fight plans to open a Probation Service drop-in centre less than a mile from three schools.

Campaigners met to protest against the scheme which will see convicted criminals, including sex offenders, ordered to visit Kitts Green to make probation appointments as part of their court sentences.

Local people are dismayed at the decision to open Group House, at the junction of Meadway and Mackadown Lane, as the headquarters of Solihull and East Birmingham Probation Service. . .

the frame is not a tower
but is going to carry big light boxes advertising the Bingo Hall

inside LIDL and a seasonal remnder to get planting seeds.

and my shiny new trolley as seen on the LIDL web site - I only went to buy 4 rolls of kitchen paper and 3 different balsamic vinegars but the guy in front of me had one at the check out so idoubled back to get one

phoning a friend
"anything you need - a bag of potatoes?"
and I am so lucky to be on shankses pony - shank's pony

the wind is behind me and the clear weather is receding

A really solid cast iron drain cover
much tougher than the danish ones

and the typical red mud of this part of England

note the airliner flying crabwise over the ground because of the strong crosswind

how the weather changed - already warmer and threatening rain

Meadway and Mackadown Lane google search

full of local history "Tile Cross Lane" - Google Search

looking upo wind
not 3 minutes to wait but one because another unlogged bus turned up

all that remains of the giant snowball on Bosworth Drive

silly girls writing on the door of Merton House now
LEAH WOS HERE just like the boys used to do


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