Wednesday, February 07, 2007

River Cole and Kingfisher Project

I started to walk towards Babbs Mill but gave up

looking towards Big John's on the 94 bus route

and got cramp in my left calf and turned back to the 94 bus route

rime frost on tiles from last night
screen cover caught in the doors

chilly but i was sweating

I can see this Technical College from my kitchen window
and found a new footpath to explore

Merton House in the distance
I took the next hole - it was bigger

a glance back
and I walked across the football pitches

north Solihull has a litter problem
ignored by the council

nearly home to Merton House
the gas men have filled and tarmaced the hole

welcome warm light inside

but I had to tread carefully in the lift
some of the young men dog owners are squeamish about claering up their pet messes


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