Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ALDI Bordesley Green

There I was stiting naked at my computer and the cherry picker crane I blogged before came by my seventh flootr window again SNAPS ONE: window cleaner then chemist library post office

when ever I go out I empty my trash and this window by the chute room looked really clean

after i got dressed and ready to go out I took the lift / elevator down and I came out the backdoor to see what was going on
but the crane was gone.

this new security camera under erection

I mistook these two for a pusher and his hoodie victim, but they are two electricians from Bristol taking the fence down to move the scaffolding in to this corner to fix the second security camera
- which reminded me of some irish jokes.

one of my favourite drivers

well chosen varieties of potatoes by the sack from named farms
or Shropshire or Scotland

dirty bus window and I wanted to snap the gable

we had a good chat about ebay and the wooden planes usd by carpenters 50 and more years ago

a different tag culture here all coloured and no black

Drinks R' US by day

twisted round by a glancing blow and now useless sign

7:00 am to 7:00 pm
Monday to Saturday

This gable has been propped up after demolitions to make room for the new Aldi

private hire cars (aka mini cab or even taxies) in front of their office
some of the local firms speak with their dispatchers i gujarati or punjabi
gujarati punjabi - Google Search as my spelling checker

I have long admired theses two graffiti seen from the 97 bus but they are only clear of parked cars on sundays

On the edge of the park but whose responsibility ? - Birmingham rubbish makes a change from Solihull

like a bomb had dropped - well builder's waste

asbestos waste and left over sand

newly rpeired with a new roof after afire in a chip shop

the panzered door to the offices at
ALDI, Bordesley Green East, Bordesley Green B9 5EX
the manager needs a 10 hour a week caretaker to tidy the car park and will pay £6 an hour

lots of trolleys or carts outside means not too busy inside

two kinds of "wholemeal ryebread" a very smart choice of name for the english market

dark chocolate to eat at the bus stop - my treat anything sweet under £1 is OK once aweek

three kinds of olive oil which I bought- and two of vegetable oil which I didn't

12 cartons weight 12 kilos hichgot heavy when I carried them home when my trolley broke in after I got off the 97 bus in Bosworth Drive

factory made danish pastries english style, left over Father Christmases and a ginger bread man

expnsive balsamic vinegar in the junk pile

home baking add water and olive oil

a plastic step I don't need because I have 140 concrete ones outside my door

someon ecould not resist unpacking the plastic stick on bra / breasts for a peek

super casino at home in plastic

a strange product Dishwasher deoderant - my dish washer is my hands - but why not use bleach to sterilize the dish washer if it stinks like a drain?

not yet for me at any price

I took my small trolley from NETTO in Copenhagen Denmark, but overloaded it again

the second security camera is in place at Merton House

and the bottom fell out of my old trolley

a treat for a quick lunch

danish style open sandwiches to be eaten with knife and fork and russian style weak tea with lemon. but the danes would add a splatter of mayonaise, usually from a "toothpaste" tube

4 kinds of ready mix bread to try out out in the bread machine


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