Monday, March 26, 2007

taking the rubbish down

the new system is seriously incompetent about keeping the rubbish chutes open

I have been staying indoors for a few days and doing genealogy and at the same time listening to lots of classical music
just now Impression > Radio France > Services > Comment nous écouter ?: "ASTRA 19.2 East - France Musique " France Musique - By Station - RadioWave



about 45 minutes after sunset beneath my kitchen window

my shadow with the empty bucket

Merton House and Crabtree Drive, and the far side of Bosworth Drive

not a prison fence but the back yard of the parade of shops

Prince Hal lounge bar was very tempting but I have to get rid of my winter fattening - no alcohol - until the next time - down from 171 to 168.4 kg over the last few days - but I am feeling the cold and sleeping a lot - 4.00am to 11:oo pm and most of the afternoon today

coming indoors again - not my can of Carlsberg Export in the hallway AKA elefant øl - elephant beer in Denmark - but I could imagine the taste

this photo is OK on MacBook Pro in Peview app but Google blogger image server still has this bug about portrait format - the versions above have been rotated in PhotoShop cs2 this evening instead of Preview - which was OK for the old blogger image server


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