Tuesday, March 20, 2007

today the lift was broken in Merton House

and the rubbish chute was still blocked

so I got to see the tags

on the stairs
all seven floors

as I carried four plastic bags full of rubbish

down and out the back to the bins

on the ground floor these guys were working on the lift

and putting in a closed circuit TV camera

more tags on the yard doors of the Prince Hal Pub

and on the private door to the landlord's flat

after buying Radio Times for next week
I crossed Bosworth Drive and started to explore the footpath behind the bus top

the footpath is by the tower opposite Grandy's Croft- Google Maps

on my right a shed in the first back garden
you can even see this shed on Google Maps

and on my left an old storage heater had been thrown out

which shows me what the two knobs do on mine

the elements heat the 16 bricks when electricity is cheap in the night
(I also run my washing machine then)

looking back

and forwards by Heathmere Drive where tenants have bought their houses and made them unique
new windows
the lsat house is the only one with original steel frames

one of my favourite flowers from my prep school days

and a learner driver waspracticing driving in reverse gear from Chapelhouse Road into Ilkley Grove

the burnt school has been demolished
http://www.bellway.co.uk/ are building here

and building of new homes in Chapelhouse Road
I was surprised by the floor made of concrete beams with a space under - handy for rats nests

Alcott Grove: " at Chelmsley Wood is ideally situated in the north of the borough of Solihull. This small select development from Bellway Homes offers a choice of well appointed two bedroom apartments and a selection of three & four bedroom family homes. Whether you are looking for an excellent choice of schools, entertainment, leisure pursuits, sporting facilities or simply to be in the heart of a magnificent communication network your choice should be Alcott Grove."
B37 5LR - Google Search

I walked down the path to a basket ball area with a gallery of graffiti on the boundary wall

on the garage wall

but no graffiti here on these garages - Google Maps

and I turned right into Tile Cross Road

and the cedar tree where I turned right
you can see the cedar tree and the bus stop - Google Maps

at the Birmingham end of Bosworth Drive

and the remains of an apple orchard

by the last bus stop in the city of Birmingham

the just over the boundary with Solihull and back in Fordbridge

I took a 97 bus for 2 stops because it was so cold

the Prince Hal public house and Merton House in Crabtree Drive

in the lift the new security camera

see . - this is my sole source of heat

in my hall which heats two bedrooma and the bathroom and toilet

and an excuse for taking the bus
the freebie newspaper

now for a nice cup of tea (LIDL earl grey and teapot)

and 4.15 pm Deal or No Deal

and there I am at the end of the row in the background

the blog I made about my day in Bristol was broken


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