Tuesday, April 03, 2007

shopping on tuesday

this is my first effort on Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home

shopping tuesday 4 April 2007 Chelmsley Wood and Tile Cross - my very first photoset on Flickr


still not cleaned up outside Merton House

I handed in my prescription to the pharmacy at Chelmsley Wood Primary Care Centre and walked in to the shops

this old vacuum cleaner has been in the school grounds for months and months - if Solihull Metropolitan Counsil does not set a good example and take pride in tidiness, how will the kids learn not to drop litter?

a wonderful hedge near by the Fordbridge Town Hall

You can see Merton House in the middle on the horizon behind the cherry blossom

I am going to blog the building of the new Banbury Club

so much for town planning ideals - allowing the building a private beer house in the park

these yellow marks are signs of a survey of drains and telephone cables ready for the redevelopment of the library SW = storm water drain?

the POST OFFICE TELEPHONE installation

FW = foul water or sewage?

all the public toilets have been closed except one in the centre - this relic will soon be swept away

where the telephone trunk cables enter the telephone exchange

the blue dashes seem tobe a street level or a boundary

unloading only under the shopping mall

clamping vehicle wheels to extract money is a new british national pastime

stairs as rusty as a neglected trawler

lots and lots of notices, but who sees them let alone reads them

me seen dimly in the reflection, and then I took the escalator up to Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre

to my left an empty shop

all newly painted upstairs and bright with energy saving lights

to Somerfield - Google Search

£1.99 each for Fyfes pineapples, but I pay £1 for two or three in Saint Martin's market

a look at the junk pile

and on the check out belt RadioTimes and minced meat that goes out of date today

Sony PlayStation 3 has landed in Woolworth

the big weigh in and I am definitely two inches or 5 cm shorter in height as I age (I was 6 foot now 5' 9.9" or 178 cm), but I lost 8 lbs or 3.4 kilograms and my body fat percentage was down 1%

a dangerously hard playground sixties style for children

and then I took the 97 bus to Tile Cross

gorse in bloom at the catholic church by the bus stop - a crown of thorns ?

you can see a magpie's nest high in the tree by the new Bingo Hall behind LIDL

security rules - adding blinds and cameras

and I succumbed to my sweet tooth

59 pence a packet for liqueur chocolates by the check out


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