Thursday, March 29, 2007

sunset and evening walk

the sunset is slightly north of west after the equinox so I could see it by hanging out of my kitchen window

so I took the stairs up to the tenth floor of Merton House and looked west

that panel is still not fixed back yet

and looked west and already Chelmsley Wood is fully in shadow

much much cleaner than usual at the foot of the stairs to the roof

oh dear - some small dog did not make it outside in time

I like the vigourous lines of the best graffiti

The first floor stairs have a fancy floor and a bad smell

some untrained dog owners round here

I came out onto Bosworth Drive and then the moon was out

azelea time will soon be gone

and the long footpath between the school and the college

and a car with no wheels

gone - like star wars

rubbish in the corner of the football fields

floodlights and astra turf

looking back and the path is much cleaner

after a long walk in the moonlight
(too dark for my cameras)
I came out of the Kingfisher project park at Foxglove Crescent

past Texaco

big johns was closed

big johns
to all our customers

. . . refurbishment - and a smell of paint instead of fries

sandwiches curries drive thru traditional fish & chips


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