Thursday, December 21, 2006

from inside Merton House

Look closely at the roof of the house and the little chimney,
and you can see the smoke is blowing from right to left from Bosworth Drive

which tells me that I would have to go to the BHX terminal and out on the car park to photograph planes with their landing lights on the fog

no rough winds any more so I could put my LIDL camping satellite dish out again

the paper tape stiffens the assembly which is only press and click plastic.

ORF-Text - TXT-only: 100.1 - text tv as a web site but I could not guess what ORF was:-

Austrian Broadcasting Corporation - Österreichischer Rundfunk - ORF

this screen was followed by Wetter-Panorama
for one hour pictures of ski slope and stuff webcams
>> 450

37.500 Euro Strafe für Fendrich 102
Grasser vor Jet-Ausschuss ...... 101
Wer bezahlt "Mindestsicherung" ? 115
Wirtschaft wächst weiter stark . 104
Explosion in Chemie Linz: 2 Tote 117
3.Slalom-Saisonsieg für Schild . 105
"Agathe kann's nicht lassen" ... 106
seit 14.32 FIS Snowboard Weltcup:
Parallel Torlauf °° 16:9
ab 15.43 Newsflash °°

Wetter 600 Inhalte A-Z 890
Wieder Haare statt Glatze ... 653
NEU: Kartenlegen LIVE >>> 727

ORF (broadcaster) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk, literally "Austrian Broadcasting") is the national Austrian public service broadcaster. The ORF dominates Austrian media. ...

I am starting to design a new computer desk which I will build myself,
but the optical mouse did not work on the black surface,

The reused metal shelf will help keep the MacBook Pro quiet and cool by acting as a heat sink and so I will have to use some wood for the mouse to run over to the right of the keyboard.


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