Tuesday, December 19, 2006

shopping on the nineteenth

the lift was being serviced
- it had been making funny noises for a couple of days

so I went up to the tenth floor of Merton House first

the stairs to the flat roof are barred

looking west
and down at the PRINCE HAL pub

we ought to have painted signs
sprayed on with a stencil

and in the waitng room for my doctor sat down and I looked up

I wanted to show Dr Philips a picture of my foot with dystonia on August 12.
He made "hugh watkins" dystonia - Google Search but the link to the blog was blocked by the NHS security system
The Dystonia Society - About dystonia - Treatments

it grieves me to see this school so untidy
what example is that for the children?

rubbish behind the medical centre

he has to go to Coventry for ice skating

fresh groceries from Iceland foods
Iceland are experts in frozen food, delivering great ideas for busy, value conscious mums. Nationwide home delivery service, buy appliances online.

"hello Santa" they called behind my back and ran when I took their picture.

I dropped in on John in the Fordbridge town or (civil) parish office to discuss the street rubbish problem - and he could see this blog OK.

still buggy this blogger see also my own MacBook Pro and Browser wars and a blogger bug
and Google Groups : Google Blogger Beta knck knock - anyone home ? google persons
the two guys in yellow jackets on the bridgework for http://www.enterprise.plc.uk/
and pick up rubbish and clean up the parks.
We had a chat about untidy footpaths and the north south discrimination by Solihull Council not enough money spent in the north on street cleaning

looking back at the iron footbridge

Chelmsley Wood

pawnbroker's Christmas rush

opposite the chinese traditional doctor's shop

a hot "flute" is too tempting

shhhhhhh back up to 164.2 Kg again or 26 STONES 12 LBS
using the Boots shop weighing machine for 30p
author:hugh author:watkins - Google Groups: alt.support.obesity shows my poor record

brussels sprouts still on their stalks
and dates tempt with childhood memories

where two authorities meet
Merton House is the closest of the three blocks to the left
and from my flat I can see this bridge by MacDonalds clearly with my field glasses from LIDL

I bought 7 elastics to tie back my pony tail for £1 at this traders stall

Iceland source of the home delivery man
and deeing all the young mums and their kids gives this mall agood atmosphere.

I prefer sitting on this low wall to the narrow bench in those old bus stops

note the pigeon top left watching out for dropped bread crumbs

and bus 97 home

looking up at the two closed windows on the tenth floor landing of Mereton House -- where I snapped this spot looking down

To the right of the front door instead of picking up the vodka bottle they are letting the grass grow over it


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