Thursday, December 14, 2006


yes this is a bug in beta blogger
my fridge has NOT fallen over - beta blogger does not do portraits,
which I forgot when uploading with Safari for a change after Firefox 1.5 crashed

my fridge looked a bit empty so I urgently needed to go to St Martin's market

Waiting for the lift, I often say elevator, and looking out westwards from the seventh floor landing of Merton House, with the parade of shops on Bosworth Drive below and Brum over the event hoizon.
light in the hall and the bottom of the steel front door

the little boy is fresh out of school and playing hide and seek

very windy

and very blurred

jut a few leaves left on this self seeded birch tree.

I dawdled like a child full of curiosity and just missed that bus

which gave me time to read the tags on the bus stop with the hole in the roof (already broken again)

the best lit house on East Meadway but the bus never slows down enough.

I got to the market well after closing time and filled up my trolley and spent all the money I had left for this week - about £7 40p

This second hand bookshop is usually too dark to see much inside and is just before the 97 bus stop in Digbeth by Allison Street.

and 2 hours later, and £7 40 p lighter, there were seven bags back home on the kitchen floor


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