Wednesday, December 13, 2006

flu jab

at last my doctor has enough flu vaccine for me to get a some what delayed vaccination

the three smoking gardeners are back giving the other shrubs a haircut

and they have removed the bicycle wheel
the guy in the AG van threw some rubbish into the shrubbery - apple core OK but anything else?

I was tempted to drop something onto his roof - but desisted - writing now an empty beer can would have been the thing - but my policy is to keep a low profile in the hood.

under my kitchen window shows no change

and this three quarter empty 9% lager can was in the lift a little before 11:00 am,
so I kicked it out into the hall to be picked up.

and the next round of broken windows begins
anger, angst, anguish or mental illness?

and the gardeners have moved the wheel onto the pavement f0r the rubbish pickers to take away. (note the shopping cart has gone as they say i USA but a cart has only two wheels and a trolley has four

cart - Google Image Search
trolley - Google Image Search
you can use the searches as an illustrated dictionary - a pictionary -game -games - Google Search

After my inoculation against influenza in the medical centre, - Bosworth Medical Centre, Birmingham, [SIC] England
mad in UA by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Health Care Products, Medications & Vaccines
see also wyeth vaccines influenza - Google Search

I went into our newsagent on the corner of the parade behind the pub.

it was rearranged inside with the counter by the entrance and the wall to the store room demolished making the shop much bigger

and I got the next three weeks Radio Times - up to 2 January 2007

then it will be five days to my seventy first birthday on the thirteenth day of Christmas, and Regenerating North Solihull will be closer.


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