Saturday, December 16, 2006

saturday afternoon BHX

After a pleasant walk from Merton House, I sat on the bench facing the center line of the runway at Birmingham Airport, put down my nordic walking poles, took off the black artists rucksack from LIDL and took out my old Sony Handicam and using the maximum zoom snapped this bmibaby landing.

I had a nice chat with this 76 year old cyclist who told me my walking poles would save 20% of the weight and wear and tear on my hip joints.

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and then I took the newly paved path under the London to Euston railway viaduct which was built just before Queen Victoria's coronation.

The line was not finished in time for the coronation of Queen Victoria on June 28 1838, but realising the potentially lucrative traffic this would generate, the company opened the line between Birmingham and Rugby to the north, and London to Bletchley to the south, and a stagecoach shuttle service was introduced linking the two, allowing people to complete the journey to London. more history London and Birmingham Railway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
- I relish reading the landscapes where I am and go to, and knowing about the geology, geography, architecture, history and peoples

and then I walked home to Fordbridge, Chelmsley Wood, Solihull

more of the days snaps here to BHX and back past THE BELL pub

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