Thursday, April 12, 2007

more milk and Radio Times

My body clock insists that I am a night taxi driver because for twenty summers I slept all day and worked all night - so I got up and breakfasted at 6:00 pm / 18.00 hours and rushed out at 7.oo pm and took the 97 bus to LIDL at Tile Cross

and the sun looked about to set as I crossed the LIDL car park
Length Of Visible Light: 14h 54m
Actual Time sunrise
6:16 AM BST and sunset 7:59 PM BST
or see BBC - Weather Centre - 5 Day Forecast in Celsius for Solihull, United Kingdom

LIDL has rather a lot of ante-freeze windscreen wash left, which shows the mild weather we are having - see Coleshill, United Kingdom Forecast : Weather Underground:
Thursday Night
Scattered Clouds. Low: 44° F. / 7° C. Wind light.
Overcast. High: 68° F. / 20° C. Wind light. and much the same is forcast for next week

all done and the shutters are down at five minutes to closing time - with 14 litres of milk, 12 cottage cheese, two packets ryebread, 12 tomatoes, a cucumber . . . and no more shopping for a week to ten days or until I run out of fruit and vegetables

next I headed for the newsagent in the parade of shops

overhead a plane has just taken off from BHX is just to the left of the upper branches of the tree and to the right about 4 feet over my head a squadron of midges (click to see them on bigger picture with about seven visible) so I did not hang about

still quite a novelty in UK with no penalty for jaywalking - yet
jaywalking - Google Image Search
a slang term from Boston in about 1911 - jay = rube = country bumpkin

this guy was hard to catch
in the end I crossed and pressed the button again

this photo made a motorist angry with me for stopping him and not crossing the road
"doot" he said
still open a fitness shop, and a betting shop,

and Bains where I got my RADIO TIMES for next week

One of my favourite bus stops with the scratched plastic which features in many of my older blogs and on the 97 bus I got the free morning newspaper METRO off the floor


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