Thursday, April 12, 2007

after the cat and after sunset

looking towards Coleshill

and past the new academy school roof to the airport

click and look at the large size to see the subtle dark blue colour showing the loom of the Chelmsley Wood Medical Centre - which is actually in the parish of FORDBRIDGE in the metropolitan borough of SOLIHULL

below - looking due west from my kitchen window on the seventh floor of Merton House to Birmingham Post Office tower and the last of the sunset Monday April 9 2007

DSC00446 <- - - if you click this picture you end up on my FLICKR pages with slide shows

Sony Ericsson K800i videophone snaps dragged and dropped onto the flickr upload utility


which much easier and quicker to use than the google picassa image server

By the way I forgot and uploaded this, which is OK on my MacBook Pro, and which shows no google person has fixed their problems with the picassa image server portrait format bug yet:-


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