Monday, January 15, 2007

fetching rice fish and train ticket

some of the snaps are very very detailed
CLICK any picture to maximize your pleasure
to see the tiny figures of men at work
made with my Sony 800i videophone

the weather did not look good when I set out
the pub roof has been fixed but not the Irish flags
I took the 97 bu in to town

correct exposure for sky
I got a return ticket to Bristol at Moor Street Station Birmingham

bigger apperture for the shadow and the sky burns out

and went to the cash point in the Bullring

I walked through Selfridges, where there were far more staff than customers on this monday after the sales,

to the bridge

on to the car park roof to see what this crane was up to

lifting skips of rubbish out of the old factory below

you can see the slate roof has been patched with many layers of tar

and is being replaced

the yellow skip / dumpster / container is in position to be filled with bulders rubbish

I took the lift down to the ground floor of the car park

texture grips my imagination always

I sneaked a look under the GWR arches on the other side of Allison Street
now storage for a box manufacturer

driving back empty for another load of cardboard

after making umbrallas then it was a crisps factory - Welcome to the Connells web site

some clown parked in front of the blue gate of the yard entrance to Digbeth Police Station

mirrored Police Station

built 1911

big lucky cat in the supermarket

10 kg or 20 kg rice bags


I caught the 97 bus home

about one third of the way home

to LIDL by the BINGO

soon landing at BHX on final approach

and back on bus 97 with cans of tuna, sardines, beans, fish, a frozen chicken, minced beef which made a great curry, skimmed milk, low fat cottage cheese and brown bread

and the grass looks good NOT ONE BEER CAN by the front door of Merton House!

on On Wednesday I will be amongst the audience for two recordings of DEAL or NO DEAL in Bristol


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