Friday, December 29, 2006

doctor and library

"Just look at the rain" as my mother used to say
in fact a happy memory of school holidays and making things with my hands.

the coming storm means it is time to take the satellite dish indoors
already blown crooked so no german TV or radio for me for a while

my only present this Christmas so far (a package is on the way from Denmark)
a badly packed freebie ice scraper for some one who does not own a car
thank you my internet bank

portrait format for today is pasted in from old blogger

up on the tenth floor this rubbish still needs clearing
and I walked down the ten flights

same viewpoint as blogged below done yesterday by moon light

and I went in to
Chemsley Wood Primary care Centre

at the check in also known as Bosworth Medical Centre

reminds me of the opera - stuck behind a pillar and trying to read the over text translation

and looking up above my head

I got a new prescription for two pairs of elastic stockings

After the doctor it was not raining, so I walked in towards the library

what a mess on this foot path

relic of a re branded supermarket Somerfield still lying around in the school grounds

some of this rubbish has been here so long that it is losing its colour

fading beer cans in the school nature corner

on the corner of BLACKCAT COURT
old tires thrown over the lamp post

sinking ground around a sewer manhole can mean a leak and rats nests

awaiting the dustman

I am lucky not to need Ring and Ride yet
and to be able to do up my own shoe laces - I will be 71 years old in nine days time

Fordbridge Parish town hall

slippery leaves never get swept up here

guess what this guy got for Christmas
the englishman's shed is his castle

his tree has survived the tree surgeon well
shown sideways below by the blogger bug

aha the klunser in me awakes

Kingshurst Brook has a little white water again

in the library local and family history display

the bendy line is how the Kingshurst Brook used to meander

freebie ancestrylibrary edition here - but all the computers were fully booked

the future new shopping centre and our parade of shops day are numbered in the name of urban renewal

I found three books on calligraphy and lingered with the newspapers

what I really wanted was "brush calligraphy" - Google Search

Taxi marshall story in Solihull just like Copenhagen airport - people don't know how to queue orderly anymore.

and protests against new football pitches
NIMBY in Solihull

better buses for Coleshill and a couple who should have married in about 1942
but were stopped by the girls mother who said of the young airman "he might get killed "

97 bus stop closest to the library

and rode homeward in a blur
with my red klunset trolley
missed my stop even

the Irish tricolour has become a bi-colour with the orange blown away in the wind

and the grass grow greener over the same vodka bottle at the front door of Merton House

the frame of the trolley looks good - just one safety catche to be repaired

tearing out the sodden cardboard stiffeners

and a good scrub to clean up the plastic case

and I will let it soak overnight to soften the dirt

my computer in Solihull was pinged

from the west coast of USA
said my
McAfee Personal Firewall


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