Friday, January 12, 2007

radio times hypermarket

I am catching up so leaving most of the text out

These daus I am mostly indoors in rainy weather, I walked in to Sommerfield in Chelmsley Wood and on Friday they were sold out of the Radio Times again

For a chnge I took the circuitously routed 71 bus to the ASDA hypermarket that I had glimpsed en passant on my expedition to Sutton Coldfield library

Hypermarket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Tesco Hypermarkets. ASDA (owned by Wal-Mart) also operates some hypermarkets 'ASDA Wal-Mart Supercentres'"

the route from: Minworth to: Crabtree Drive Fordbridge - Google Maps

7.9 miles = 12.71 kilometers (about 21 min by car and twice as much by bus)

asda hypermarket walmart - Google Search

asda supercenter walmart - Google Search

Wal-Mart Facts - Get the facts and latest news about Wal-Mart from Wal-Mart.

ooops blogger google programmers have not fixed this portait format bug yet

bass ball bat for self defence?

4 do it yourself check outs supervised by one employee

LOCATION on the map

B76 8XL loc: minworth - Google Maps the BUS STOP to the right and I had crossed the road at the lights and taken the steps down and the path across the car park into the hypermarket

my birthplace Sutton Coldfield is off the top left corner and returning to Chelmsley to south east corner


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