Tuesday, January 02, 2007

really loud noise in Merton House

putting wires in place for our new video system for the new door telephone

the man with the hammer drill was boring two holes in the concrete lintel on each floor.

back of the steel front door frame with three panels

outside the front door and in two weeks this should be a historic photograph of the old set up
(with Bosworth Drive)
and the shadow shows the low angle of the sun at about 3:00 pm GMT

secrets of the suspended ceiling
in my boyhood home from about 1937 we had to lift floor boards to get at the electrics

when I got upstairs again I could see the high clouds of an approaching warm front above a retreating shower

sideways below because of the blogger bug

oops the blogger portrait image uplaoad bug has not been fixed yet
uploaded correctly in merton house video door phone soon blog as a work around then copy+pasted in here


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