Tuesday, April 17, 2007

shopping for fruit

the K800i videophone needs bright sunlight to get a reasonably sharp macro picture of the cactus flowers

the umbrella is gradually being covered by the grass at the netrance to Merton House

I missed the pint glass for my collectio until I saw it on the downloaded photo
I drop and break them now and again so like to stock up

just now drinking cold coffee with skimmed milk from the fridge

the foriegn weeping birch is also in snaps 2 today

and my battered brown birch had catkins blowing in the wind

Zirtek - Pollen Forecast: "Tree Pollen Forecast - Today: 17/4/2007

= high = 81-200 on the map

There is risk of high birch pollen counts in many parts of England and Wales. Low to moderate counts further north.

Birch pollen is the most allergenic type of tree pollen we have in large amounts in the UK, affecting about 25% of hay fever sufferers. Oak pollen has also been recorded in parts of England and Wales. Oak pollen affects about 20% of hay fever sufferers. Risk of high plane tree pollen counts, especially in built-up areas in the South. Rain will cause pollen counts to decrease."
this was the way onto the roof to watch the bungy jump that didn't happen

oops already blogged directly from the 97 bus over 3G net from my mobile Bus stop on Snaps new paint is finished

after my first trawl through the market on a mini budget this week of about £7 or £8
I found myself at a less usual viewpoint

10 oranges for £1

diificult to catch the enrgetic market traders becasue they jump about and shout "ALL THAT BANANA FOR £1"

I had 70 pence left and said "take some off" as I passed it to him
"No he said you are a regular"
and gave me 36 small loose bananas for my money

an interesting idea
the household / office earth line has been connected to the lightning conductor
of the building near the bus stop


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