Sunday, January 21, 2007

walked 140 stairs today in Merton House

just to show I got to the tenth floor and looking south west over Bosworth Drive

The boundary of the City of Birmingham is quite close and the three smaller "Y" shaped blocks are in the city.

to the north west
to the south east looking down on the blocks near the Kingshurst brook
down ten floors and out the back

to the right around the block

parked directly below my kitchen window

my reference position for the changing clouds and light
and in the front door out of the cold wind

one animal accident in our entrance hall

otherwise all was clean and graffitti free

in the eye of the security cam

we are getting video on our door telephones next week

(the small format reduces the apparent unsharpness)

Sony Ericsson mobile phone 800i was balanced on a finger against the wall but still blurred, and so I will try and get a sharper picture with the handicam


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