Wednesday, January 31, 2007

shopping for bread and the Radio Times

I took the 97 bus from Bosworth drive in order to grab a free newspaper

I went to the "rent office" to tell them the ceiling panels in Merton House had not been put back yet, when I was on the way to Sommerfield to get bread, oats and the Radio Times for next week

After shopping I took these panoramas which are better here on the new image server

the weather was beter than it looked and I decided to walk home by crossing the bridge to the right

I pushed the trolley over this footbridge and down the zigzag ramps

from the balcony

speed bumps for pedestrians and red paint for cyclists on the cycle route

End of cycle route


Crossing the Kingshurst Brook by the big bridge

rubbish trap and weir

pushing my loaded trolley homewards past the Fordbridge town hall to the left
and Merton House in the distance

flat roofs are out - even on a porch

still here months later cycle tires thrown over a lamp post

I used to call to my mother "Wait for me"
but this mother is telling her littleboy to put down the bag he found

this school ground is a long term disgrace and sets a bad example to the children,
or even a health and safety issue

this path has not been swept since autumn 2006

daffodils in bud and rotting litter
this junk has been in the school grounds for weeks

gas mains being renewed in Crabtree Drive
the old pipes are cut and new liners inserted

fixing the gas pipes with these new plastic liners will take 30 years for the whole country.
posted because of the portrait format bug on new Blogger has not been fixed yet

I like these minature machines

see our new door telephone panel in the daylight

this is the gap - one of many - in the ceilings after the new doorphone had been installed.


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