Thursday, November 30, 2006

english plumbing

when I went out I saw the hole in the Bosworth Drive bus stop roof has been fixed
I took the 97 bus to LIDL at Tile Cross and did some window shopping opposite

KAV'S bathroom and tile centre: "At our showrooms you can expect to find the very latest in bathrooms furnishings. Our extensive range of fittings and suites will make it easy for you to mix and match for any style that you require or to choose our unique designs to make the bathroom of your dreams. "

and round the back is a private road

on the corner of which is KAV'S yard

I got thr url pf the back of his van KAV'S bathroom and tile centre

a good irish nameKavanagh Family
The origin and early history of the Kavanagh clan and family. Details of notable clan members.

and this is the door to the trade counter

32 East Meadway,
Tile Cross,
B33 0AP.

Tel : 0121 783 4470

and then I went to

Bains 42 East Meadway Birmingham West Midlands B33 0AP

because what I really wanted was the new Radio Times | Magazine starting on saturday
"radio times" bbc - Google Search

the parade of shops seen from the 97 bus stop
near by Kitts Green, Birmingham property house prices from Nestoria

back on Bosworth Drive a newly inflated nisse (elf) waved to me from its igloo

electric neighbours

seen from my kitchen window

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

visit to Sutton Coldfield

To warm up I walked the stairs three floors up and ten down

all tags gone and glass repaired

except on the first floor
note the fine terrazzo on the first flight of stairs - the rest are painted concrete.

I walked past the medical centre to snap a new electric neighbour

I had set out about thrity minutes before sunset

and waited nearly 25 minutes for the 71 bus which took more than an hour to get to Sutton Coldfield

and which dropped me off in Sutton Coldfield

by the steps leading to the library entrance
the Local Studies and Reference Library is on the second floor

with directories and electoral rolls AKA Voters lists

and from before my period:- tithe apportionments
note rate books exist up to 1912
the rest probably burned in a 1960ies fire.

Henvry VIII attributed to Holbein

this used to be a royal borough and idnependant since the sixteent century and is now part of the City Birmingham, which means taht the mayoral robes and regalia are now museum pieces.

It was much quicker to go home bus 104 via the centre of Birmingham then 97

and when I got back more new tags in the entrance

Monday, November 27, 2006

my fridge was empty

so I decided to go to LIDL at the Macadown first and the markets later.
spell check Mackadown - Google Search

I don't usually go to this bus stop when going away from Chelmsley Wood,
but having recorded the mess of broken glass, I felt that I should snap the repairs. It is a mystery to me why they don't install plastic which needs a good kicking before it breaks.

The only snow we shall see on Bosworth Drive this Christmas I think.

At least the rubbish bins get emptied often - note the fire proof metal liner typical of local handwork.

Seen from the LIDL car park, the new steel frame of the replacement building for the demolished BSA Machine Tools offices - will be another retail outlet?

UT/2004/014022 Birmingham City Council N/03490/04/FUL
Demolition Of Existing Offices And Part Factory,

Erection Of New Bingo And Social Club.
Refurbishment Of Remainder Of Factory For Industrial Purposes, Formation Of New Site Access Road, Parking Areas And Associated External Works
BSA Machine Tools Works,
Mackadown Lane, Birmingham,
West Midlands
* PPG25/TAN15 - Request for FRA
mackadown bsa bingo - Google Search: "Debt-ridden BSA Machine Tools thought its number was up, until it hit on the idea of selling off part of its Mackadown Lane, Kitts Green factory. "

Inside LIDL this weeks special offer half price green grocery so I will not make a trip to the markets today.

I returned home and after getting off the 97 bus with my laden trolley and two bags, I stopped for a moment on the pavement, because I often see this van parked close by beneath my windows on Bosworth Drive, so a snap was a quick way of recording this URL in order to satisfy my curiosity about this neighbourhood when I got in.

Tripod Crest Ltd.: "was established in 1982 and has since become one of the UK's leading road planing and surfacing labour suppliers.

Recent years have seen the introduction of additional services with the Tripod Crest business.

The ability to provide extensive resources, often at very short notice, has enhanced our reputation for efficiency and flexibility over the years.

Our operatives are skilled across the full range of surfacing activities: motorways, trunk roads, housing estate roads, footpaths and private car parks,

We can provide full machine gangs, handlay gangs or any number of skilled operatives to supplement existing gangs - including Paver Drivers, Screwmen, Roller Drivers, Tractaire Drivers, Chipping Operators and General Surfacing Operatives.

Operatives can be hired daily, weekly or on a long-term basis. Terms can also be agreed to provide labour on a 'lodge' basis if required.

A fleet of Bitelli and Marini Pavers is also available for daily, weekly or long-term hire. The "

Saturday, November 25, 2006

water colours and the River Cole

a detail

and it was time to paint for the first time in about 55 years

all the cheapest artist materials I have saved up - from LIDL mostly

a left over white enamalled steel shelf is my drawing board

The brushes were mostly made in China
I used the big brush to wet the paper and put a blue wash on, and experimented with "wet on wet" - Google Search
The pound shop paper was too cheap and began to break up
I did it wrong anyway see How to Stretch Watercolor Paper

time for my walk

a study in grass clumps for the painters notebook

I went for this walk just after sunset northwest of Meron House and down this path to the River Cole, and when I reached the bottom, it was time to put down my nordic walking poles, and take my LIDL artists rucksack off, and get out my Sony handicam:-

back in Foxglove Avenue

the nearly new moon was getting brighter

I walked on along the riverbank path and came back to the videophone Sony Ericsson 800

the River Cole was very full (taken with exposure on auto)

exposure + 2.0

using the joy stick

exposure - 2.0

I crossed over the River Cole by Babbs Mill and the footpath in the Kingfisher Project looked really bad with all these puddles.

I didn't like the look of that cloud, with the wind in my face it was coming towards me,
and turned left across this iron bridge

back to reality in Sheldon Hall Avenue - I always wondered what was inside this window seen from the 97 buses.

Now it is spotting with rain - or soon to drizle

and the 97 bus stop on East Meadway
the distant green traffic light is by LIDL at the Mackadown where I got my Nordic Walking sticks and rucksack

what a contrast in Bosworth Drive in North Solihull, the good neighbour entertaining the community and the aftermath of drink and mental breakdown.