Friday, September 19, 2008

UK National Memorial Arboretum

out and about and to Burton on Trent by bus 112 past the U.K. Nationl Memorial Arboretum - a set on Flickr






The National Memorial Arboretum Home: "Located in the heart of the country,the National Memorial Arboretum comprises 150 acres of trees and memorials devoted to the concept of Remembrance. Set within the National Forest of Staffordshire, near Lichfield, it was established in 1997, on former gravel and sand pits gifted from Lafarge Aggregates. It already contains 130 memorials of national significance.

The Arboretum is the home of the Armed Forces Memorial which was opened in October 2007. It is a striking and emotive memorial and is quickly assuming national significance. It gives recognition and thanks for those who have died whilst on duty or as a result of terrorist action since the Second World War and acknowledges the enduring sacrifice of those who mourn their loss."


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