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Birmingham Navigation Street

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freebie bus pass to Worcester

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LIDL Birmingham

Solihull Writers' Workshop

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before breakfast

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home today

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autumn and Chelmsley Wood

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Gamma Infinity's autostitch slideshow on Flickr

autostitch with Gamma Infinity - blurred screen shots - well it was 5:00 am - a set on Flickr


the original which needed both screens:-

Your autostitch with Gamma Infinity - blurred screen shots - well it was 5:00 am slideshow on Flickr

AutoStitch: "Autostitch™ is the world's first fully automatic 2D image stitcher. Capable of stitching full view panoramas without any user input whatsoever, Autostitch is a great new technology for panoramic photography, VR and visualisation applications. This is the first solution to stitch any panorama completely automatically, whether 1D (horizontal) or 2D (horizontal and vertical).

Autostitch is incredibly simple to use! Just select a set of photos, and Autostitch does the rest: digital photos in, panoramas out. Try the free demo (for Windows):"


Autostitch is the product of two years of research by Matthew Brown and David Lowe at the University of British Columbia. For details and research papers please see our panorama research page.


We are happy to hear from companies interested in developing products using Autostitch™.

Commercial licensing is managed by the UBC Industry Liason Office. Please contact Matthew Brown (mbrown[at] for details.

Autostitch is now available in the following commercial products:

The University of British Columbia has also granted a commercial license to Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), a Lucasfilm Ltd. company, to use Autostitch software to produce panoramas for film production.

York Avenue at 76th Street, originally uploaded by Gamma Infinity.

York Avenue at 76th Street

Another 10-frame panorama, looking up and down the west side of York Avenue. Check out the partial taxicab to the left of 76th Street. Apparently, the black hole continues to take its toll.

Somewhat bigger...

Any more real than this, and you'll need a Metrocard.

Shaun, Have you heard?

Shaun, Have you heard?
Originally uploaded by evaxebra
just great

cool video

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Cooley spins out

Cooley spins out
Originally uploaded by Ms Kat
just a good video from Prague

Warwickshire and Worcestershire and the West Midlands

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to Pharmacy

Disabled parking

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Birmingham market for fruit and vegetables - a set on Flickr

bus 97 to Bordesley Green

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sunday no walk

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late to LIDL

Warwick Hospital

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evening walk